Adult BJJ Classes in Toronto

The IPÊ Program

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu i a popular discipline, practiced worldwide. It is a martial art that focuses on ground techniques using a series of hold-downs, arm locks and choke techniques.

Our adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is designed to provide a structured and comprehensive learning experience. We prioritize the development of well-rounded practitioners, emphasizing strong fundamentals. Our program caters to all levels, as our instructors embrace a highly personalized approach, fostering the growth and progress of each student

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We offer a 7 day free trial period to anyone interested in joining. During this period, adults can try any of our adult classes in BJJ or Judo. Kids can try classes in the BJJ or Judo program corresponding with their specific age.

At the end of the trial period, you may choose to join as a member but are under no obligation to. Anyone participating in the free trial will be given a training uniform (gi). Should you decide to become a full member, the gi will be yours to keep. 

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Why Train Jiu Jitsu at IPÊ

High Quality black belt instruction

Extensive technical curriculum and strong teaching methodology

Structured classes for all levels

Positive and inclusive atmosphere

Welcoming community of upper belts to help students grow

Safety of all students is prioritized

Frequently Asked Questions

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ was developed in Brazil after one of Jigoro Kano’s students brought Judo to the country. BJJ focuses mainly on ground fighting through a series of hold-down techniques, joint manipulations and choke techniques. 

Yes. At Ipê we have students of various levels training together. We believe it is important for all students to learn and grow together, no matter how inexperienced or experienced they may be.

For adults, the belt levels are white, blue, purple, brown and black. After a person achieves their black belt, they get additional ranks called degrees.

No. BJJ is accessible for people of all fitness levels. Additionally, BJJ is a great way to help achieve your personal fitness goals. 

At Ipê, we incorporate a system of self-defence techniques into the regular BJJ curriculum. We teach various techniques in order to help students build the timing, muscle memory and technical knowledge to respond to situations.

No. We respect that not all who train like to compete. We have a variety of students whose goals are competitive, and many who train for recreational purposes. 

You can start by sending us an inquiry via our contact form for a free trial. You can also phone us anytime for more information.