Adult NoGi Classes in Toronto

The IPÊ Program

Traditionally, BJJ is practiced in a uniform, called a gi (Japanese word for training clothes), with many techniques based off of the concept of gripping the gi. NoGi is exactly this: BJJ without the gi. NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is becoming increasingly popular and is an important aspect of becoming a well-rounded martial artist. 

Our adult NoGi program goes hand-in-hand with our gi program.  Led by Sensei David Slade, we have a full curriculum taught in a safe, beginner friendly environment.  

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We offer a 7 day free trial period to anyone interested in joining. During this period, adults can try any of our adult classes in BJJ or Judo. Kids can try classes in the BJJ or Judo program corresponding with their specific age.

At the end of the trial period, you may choose to join as a member but are under no obligation to. Anyone participating in the free trial will be given a training uniform (gi). Should you decide to become a full member, the gi will be yours to keep. 

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4 Reasons to try NoGi

Expands your knowledge

Helps train mobility and flexibility

Improves your speed and timing

Creates a more well-rounded Martial Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

Nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is BJJ that is practiced without the gi (Japanese word for training clothes). Traditionally, many BJJ techniques involve gripping the uniform. NoGi is an adaptation wherein practitioners grip wrists, arms, ankles etc. as opposed to the fabric of the gi.

Yes. At Ipê we have a curriculum that is designed to accommodate all levels.  Also, we have personalized instruction and highly attentive coaches that are happy to help. 

Our NoGi classes are offered as part of our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. This includes both Gi and NoGi classes. It is highly recommended to train both Gi and NoGi, as both programs contain essential knowledge for progress. In order to qualify for belt promotions, students will have to attend Gi classes. 

No. NoGi BJJ is accessible for people of all fitness levels. Additionally, NoGi BJJ is a great way to help achieve your personal fitness goals. 

There are a few clothing options for NoGi. For a shirt you can wear a regular tee shirt or a rash guard. For bottoms you can wear: shorts, yoga style leggings, spats or your Gi pants. 

No. We respect that not all who train like to compete. We have a variety of students whose goals are competitive, and many who train for recreational purposes. 

You can start by sending us an inquiry via our contact form for a free trial. You can also phone us anytime for more information.